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9,500 websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others because hackers have injected malware on their website. The result of being blacklisted is that no one can get to your site until you have removed the malware, submitted a request to Google, and Google removes you from their blacklist. Depending on your website, the result is lost revenue, reputation, and a high chance that you're infecting your customers. The problem is growing fast as hackers are attracted to the millions of new websites created as a result of easy and inexpensive ways to get companies online. Just like 99% of all companies protect their PCs from viruses using anti virus, responsible companies are now also protecting their websites from web malware. Many wrongly believe they’re already protected through their web hosting company or because they use common frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and more. This is not the case.
We have a suite of security technologies designed to keep a company's website safe. Some of our technologies include:
Web Malware Detection: Scans your website to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Removes the infected code automatically and immediately. Answers the question: "Am I infected"? and fixes the problem.
Why? If your site is infected, you need to know so you can take action immediately before your customers get infected and/or your site gets blacklisted.
Vulnerability Assessment: Scans your website to let you know about any security holes that hackers may exploit. Answers the question: "Am I Vulnerable for potential attacks"?
Why: If your site is vulnerable, you need to know so you can take action immediately before hackers break in and infect your website and visitors. If you need help patching your systems, our security experts are available to help.
Uptime Monitoring: Scans your website to report if your website has been down and unavailable.
Why: If your site is unavailable, you need to figure out why so it doesn't happen again.
Reputation Monitoring: Scans of your website against malware, spam, and other blacklists (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others). Answers the question: "Am I Blacklisted"?
Why: If your site has bad reputation and is blacklisted by any search engines, you need to know so you can take action immediately.
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